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50 shades of dark (circles)

Trying to sleep more and stress less but still seem to be representing the undead?

For all of us the zombie look is attainable, simply see below for instructions on creating dark circles under your eyes...

  • welcome dehydration i.e. hot days, busy lives, air conditioning

  • welcome stress i.e. overwhelmed, overloaded, under pressure

  • welcome photo-damage i.e. sun, UV exposure, Australia

  • welcome allergies i.e. itchy, watery, sensitive eyes

  • welcome insomnia i.e. late nights, restless sleeps, small hungry humans

For many of us these tell tale dark circles are a part of life.

Photo damage from UV exposure speeds up the ageing process degenerating our collagen and elastin (the protein mesh of our skin that keeps it nice and plump), this thins the skin enhancing the visibility of blood vessels lying beneath, and possibly causing hyper-pigmentation as melanin (pigment responsible for your tan) is produced to protect us. Allergies lead to itching and rubbing the delicate skin around our eyes, this not only stretches the skin, but also dilates blood vessels, again increasing appearance of these vessels, throw in some fatigue and lack of skin hydration and waaahhhlah, dark circles.

Whilst I love to preach self care...

(sleep, hydrate, spf, food for skin health)

I do have some fave products I swear by,

Medik8 Dark Circles Concealer

This little gem contains ultra hydrating hyaluronic acid, peptides to increase micro-circulation and skin density, lactic acid to lighten and the additional benefit of light reflective minerals to conceal and brighten.

Only a small amount needed and I love the light tint for fresh faced days.

Rationale Eye Specialist

This is my hero in a jar!

A night time treatment, this boasts retinol (vitamin A) and peptides to boost collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid and a ceramide complex for maximum moisture and botanical extracts to boost lymphatic drainage and micro-circulation and soothe inflammation.

Wishing you sweet dreams and happy days (& if all else fails, speedy eye cream shipment),

With love,

x L

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