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let's hear it for the boys!

3 reasons why I like to get my hands on the boys!

1. Testosterone- males are inherently designed for oilier skin due to higher levels of testosterone (around 10 times higher) than females, this can lead to congestion & the flourishing of bacteria that can cause severe and long-lasting post puberty acne, inflammation & scarring

2. UV Radiation- males still lead the statistics in Australia for skin cancer diagnosis, melanoma and non-melanoma (almost double non-melanoma diagnoses compared to females), with studies showing females are more likely to practice sun safety & wear sunscreen. Along with the potential of deadly skin cancers, UV radiation also degrades collagen and elastin causing skin to prematurely age

3. Androgenic Hair- the average male beard grows 2mm per day, dragging a razor across the skin becomes a non-ideal daily activity for many! This chronic stress can lead to irritation, inflammation, follicular swelling/infection, sensitisation and ingrown hairs

For balancing oil, clearing congestion, fighting free radical damage, promoting collagen and elastin, soothing inflammation, repairing DNA, hydrating and protecting skin barrier and function... & because they feel so good...


With Love

x L

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